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Garage Upgrades

Garage Upgrades
August 25, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

Oftentimes, the garage is the forgotten space, but not when it’s as beautiful and inviting as the one we created at The Greenwich House.  Watch the video to see how simple it is to create this dramatic transformation in your own home.

Garage Doors & LED Work Lights

For most houses, garage doors are a big visual statement. Here at the Greenwich House we matched the frosted glass of the front doors with the garage doors.  They let a lot of light in without being transparent even at night when the powerful LED lights illuminate the space.

Another important fact is the operation of the doors is really quiet.  This is important when you have bedrooms right above.

New Flooring

The concrete slab was in pretty bad shape in this garage.  The installers spent a whole day with heavy grinders to open up all the cracks and fill them with new super strong concrete.  They then floated a new epoxy over the whole surface to give this garage a brand new floor. Dirt, grime and water off car tires are easy to wipe up so that this garage stays clean even through the worst winter weather conditions.

Set-up for Electric Charging Stations and Heat

You might wonder why there is a big cable looped on top of the wall in the corner of the garage.  We wanted the future owners to have the option of installing the right kind of charging set up should they have an electric vehicle.  At this point in time, it’s car specific – there are no standards yet.  Brendon, our electrician researched this at great lengths and tells us this thick, mother-of-all cables accommodates everything from a Prius to a Tesla charging station.

Finally, given that we have bedrooms above and even though the garage doors are insulated as is the ceiling, we wanted to provide a little extra heat in the garage for those really cold New England winter days. This is what the Modine heater provides.

Finally, a little white paint and to clean up old worn walls. A great garage to welcome you home in style. Let’s face it, the garage is where most of us enter our homes. So why not make it beautiful and inviting.