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FUTON – Urban Chic / stylish & functional Home Decor

FUTON – Urban Chic / stylish & functional Home Decor
January 9, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

It used to be the college dorm’s favorite hunkering down piece.  Futons were slouchypieces of furniture that morphed from rolled up mattress to folded sofas to stretched-out extra bedding. This is indeed how futons were and are to this day used in Japan, its country of origin. Futons are a great home decorating solution for small spaces that have to be used multi-functionally.

To boot, it’s the place for responsible drivers with a little too much to drink to park themselves for the night and it is a quick way for  guest who just doesn’t want to go home.  And why should they?  Today’s futons like Ligne Roset’s  “Multi” can be stylish high-end furniture offering maximum comfort.

“Multy” is constructed of thick foam, a sambawood frame and birch slats on an aluminum frame that opens easily. Starting with its president, Pierre Roset who also serves at UNIFA (Union Nationale des Industriels Fabricants pour l’Ameublemnet) Ligne Roset is deeply involved with cradle-to-grave environmental consciousness. The company also states unequivocally that their products pose “no health or environmental risks” .  Finally, wide color ranges are available including bright and fun colors like “ruby” seen here. It is great when you call a company like Ligne Roset to interview them about the foam they use in their furniture and in addition to specific answers you receive a whole catalog on their “green” practices!

For a slightly different look check out Ligne Roset’s  “Nomade Express” – what a perfect name…. nice to be the nomad resting on this sofa for a while. Or –check out the settee “Smala” – perhaps the most widely known line.

If your recent collage grads want to have one beautiful, comfortable, stylish and functional piece of furniture in their new “digs” check out the sofas of Ligne Roset.