The Iceman Cometh – Fresh & Lasting Home Goods

The Iceman Cometh – Fresh & Lasting Home Goods
March 17, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

How long do you think these fresh-cut flowers have lasted?  The answer will blow you away…One of our subscribers added a comment to our article “Secrets around Living Home Décor”. She suggests adding ice cubes to the water of fresh-cut flower. It seemed too simple to be true.  So I tried it.

These roses started out as long-stem flowers and were trimmed back once to their current size. This is a known trick to lengthen the bloom of flowers.  It is something I have done for years.

However,  following the reader’s suggestion this time I also added ice-cubes into the water of these roses starting at day one: WOW! Look at them. These roses are…

two weeks old !!!!!

Try it for yourself – see for yourself !!!

Having fresh-cut flowers is one of those little pieces of luxury that everyone should have in his/her home.  This trick makes is that wish an affordable reality. Thank you to this subscriber !