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Fine Home Décor for Your Dining Room

Fine Home Décor for Your Dining Room
May 9, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

The perfect dinner table might start with the most beautiful, hand made artisan fine porcelain. Then image the surrounding dining room setting: The table gently lit by table lamps with similarly fine porcelain bases.

Where does it come from? For centuries European brands such as Dresden Porcelain, Royal Copenhagen, Rosenthal (now sadly a defunct company), Thomas and Hermes have been the china on which to serve one’s most treasured guests.  Add to that list of distinguished manufacturers Daniel Levy and his “Inca” and “Yume” collections “spun” of all places in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

The names of Levy’s collections suggest Asian influences, as do the paper-thin, meticulously crafted pieces themselves. The organic, feathered edging in gold and platinum provide sparkle and give the china a fine and distinctive yet strong look. In keeping with modern trends other lines feature not only round but also square and organic shapes. Kudos to this artist!

Levy appears to be one of those rare decorative artists where you can feel the highly refined skill and joy of his craft in every piece. I felt drawn to his porcelain the moment I saw them.

If you are fortunate to be able to purchase exquisite china and equally beautiful lighting fixtures / table lamps for your next dinner party take a look at Daniel Levy’s porcelain.  His pieces are truly one-of-a-kind.

Give your dinner parties unique, memorable design and ambiance.