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Not Paints but Painting Techniques

Not Paints but Painting Techniques
February 6, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

What do the Strativarius  violin and Patch –N-Paint have in common?

• They are both area pleasure to work/play with

• They both produce professional results. But there is more:  You pick up a Stradivarius and you wonder if there is anything in it. The same goes for the super lightweight Patch-N-Paint.

No wall or even cabinet is ever perfectly straight, as shown in the before/after photos.  Attaching any woodworking is likely to leave gaps.  Put a little Patch-N-Paint on your finger and “mush” (truly a technical term) it into the gap.  Let it dry and simply paint over it.  This is one of those simple yet all-important painting tricks that take a painting project to a professional finish.

After a winter heating season, cracks are commonly showing up around woodwork. Simply fill/patch with this great white stuff and make them pretty much disappear.  Oftentimes, this avoids having to do a full repainting at least for a while.

Phenomenal Products, the manufacturer of Patch-N-Paint also makes a slightly heavier patching product. Both are available at big-box stores. It has a little more body and works great to fill in paint chips, wider cracks and cracks in plaster walls.  You open the can and see a pinkish putty.  Do not be alarmed. The color turns white to tell you it is dry and ready to accept paint. How “cool” is that?!

Have these basic patching home improvement products in your supply cabinets.  They are handy for a variety of quick fixes and give your home the touch of perfection!