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Experience a Smart Home with Great Sound

Experience a Smart Home with Great Sound
January 7, 2012 SNH Editorial Team
Revel Speaker

For the 90% of population who are not audiophiles, stereo systems changed about a decade ago with the arrival of so-called in-wall, distributed-audio, or whole house audio systems.  Multiple rooms can now receive music from one system.  This technology was an integral part of the smart home.

However, there was a huge trade-off:  one had to give up sound quality in order to avoid looking at speakers.  While in-wall speakers were generally an easy choice for decorators tinny sound was not exactly every homeowner’s dream.

The brand new Revel Architectural Loudspeakers, priced: $200-1,749 incorporate technology from their freestanding, in-room speakers and solve this dilemma once and for all and then some:

Decorators will love the sleek appearance and their many round and square grill choices

Installers will love the patented spring-like clip that slides snuggly over all types of sheetrock thicknesses without fitting nor the use of even a single tool, and

Homeowners will love the truly superior sound quality

Any time you can please all three constituents you have a winner!

There is even one more  cool feature in these new Revel speakers.  You used to have to install two speakers even in small spaces like bathrooms to achieve stereo sound.  It always looked a little ridiculous.  However, the new Revel speakers can be purchased with left and right channels built into one unit.  This creates stereo sound quality from a single speaker. Kudos to Revel owned by Harman International.

One more tip: The next time you are at a tradeshow look for the Harman High Performance Audio Video Mobile Showroom and experience the new dimension in audio and home theater sound firsthand for yourself.   As the saying goes “hearing” is believing.”