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Even Bunk Beds can be Stylish

Even Bunk Beds can be Stylish
May 1, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

What makes this room great? It has a clear… point of view.  It’s visually and functionally organized.

Bunk beds are usually associated with kid’s rooms.  We  all know commercially available wood and steel framed bunk beds – certainly functional for kids but not exactly beautiful. By contrast, this built-in bunk bed with its wood ship clapped frame is stylish and  could easily serve as an adult guest bedroom. It proves that you can always have function and style.

Home decor with nautical themes is nothing new either.  So it’s even more refreshing to find this highly edited / stylish version. Why does it work ?

It’s a great example of the power of design with a clear  point of view from the very beginning.  Building materials AND decorations (chairs, linens) work together.  So often decorations are mere add-ons.  They are another “superimposed” layer to “dress up” a room.  Kudos to this designer for showing us what great design is all about!