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Green Products: Mold Pro (Basement Mold Removal)

Green Products: Mold Pro (Basement Mold Removal)
October 15, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

I am always on the search for Earth Friendly Products for homes I build.  Remodeling should make your home a better place to live, which means a healthier place to live.  What’s good for your life, is good for the planet and visa versa.

How about a spa like experience in your own basement instead of nasty chemicals spread by workmen dressed in protective scrub gear – a good example of how earth friendly products are good for you and good for the planet at large.

I recently discovered this botanically based mold removal treatment by the Connecticut based company, Mold Pro.   Mold Pro applies the solution via a fogging process (check out the episode on this product from The Greenwich House series).  See me dancing in it – it is that good.  It literally makes your basement smell like a spa. – no kidding! The fog fills the space.  The fog gets into every nook and cranny to bind and contain any mold spores.

What a treat for you, your house, and the environment!

– Sabine