Dvd Deer Control – Recycled “Tech” to the Rescue

Dvd Deer Control – Recycled “Tech” to the Rescue
May 10, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

How do you outsmart your deer? What methods and devices keep them out of  your garden? Four solutions… (1) So-called “liquid deer controls” work but they have to be applied regularly AND boy, do they smell awful – not only to deer but also to our human noses.

(2) Expensive sound control systems made by Nature Technologies, for example, do not work – the deer learn quickly, irrespective of frequency or tone adjustments.

(3) Deer fencing is the ultimate solution.  Since the fence must be at least 6 feet high and posts, which most installers place every 8-10 feet are ugly, I decided to design a more aesthetically pleasing deer fence.  More to come on my essentially invisible deer fencing design in an upcoming video.

(4) In the meantime and in places where deer fencing might be visually unappealing, hang dvd’s.  String and hang each dvd like an ornament with fishing line.  They will look like fun tree ornaments, and most importantly, the bright and ever changing flickering colors make deer stay away.

So recycle your old dvd’s! Turn them into your odorless, highly effective “green” deer control. 

Create your own fun green product and scare your deer away –