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Drawer Solutions for Kitchen Remodels

Drawer Solutions for Kitchen Remodels
April 2, 2017 SNH Editorial Team
drawer solutions

Sometimes we feel we don’t have enough space in our kitchens, when in fact we do not use cabinet space nor drawer space efficiently.  Here is one of the greatest organizational upgrades: drawer organizers. If only your kitchen utensils could be organized so that you can find them easily.  Drawers have a way of accumulating things you really never use.  But when things slip and slide every time you open the drawer most of the time you don’t even know just how much junk has piled up.

We are all familiar with the plastic insert trays for silverware.  It’s a start toward organization.  The principle works but usually the tray does not use the overall space in the drawer.  As a result more things wind up tumbling around the tray.  Also, the tray itself often slides in the drawer.  Unlike built-in custom, high-end kitchen drawers 99% of all organizational drawer inserts do not set against the sides of the drawer.

Luckily one company understands cooks and cooking: William Sonoma.  They offer a drawer insert in their online catalog that has an expandable horizontal slide feature – the only one of its kind to our knowledge.  In other words, you can fit the William Sonoma insert snuggly into your drawer.  Not only does this end the slipping and sliding business it also provides maximum storage space…what a concept!

Simple and it does the trick. To boot, the drawer insert is made of mahogany, which adds an upscale look and feel yet the price is around $59 per tray. Hurrah for companies who understand their clients’ needs and make kitchen remodels simple.