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Green Cleaning Products = Healthy Home= Don’t wait for Doctor’s Orders

Green Cleaning Products = Healthy Home= Don’t wait for Doctor’s Orders
July 8, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Green Building Products are not reserved for green building projects.  Don’t wait for doctor’s orders due to a child or elderly parent suddenly suffering from a disease which is known to be influenced by “normal” household chemicals. Switch today. Cut down on the chemical exposure to your body in your own home. I have used “Greening the Cleaning”…
a line of non-toxic, environmentally responsible cleaning products for years.
“Greening the Cleaning” features biodegradable cleaning products developed by Diedre Imus, wife of the radio talk show host Don Imus.  All of their ingredients are derived from renewable resources.
They carry a full line of retail and commercial cleaning products.  I particularly like the Citrus Sage Glass and Window Cleaner.  Not only do I use it to clean the large glass coffee table in my living room, but the surface of my stove, the mirrors in my house and of course the windows.  The gentle scent is refreshing, but best of all, having a streakless shine every time is terrific.

The other products include dish soap, laundry detergent and an all purpose cleaner.  All of them outstanding and completely effective.  The commercial products are used by hospitals, health clinics and many schools around the nation.  A new cream cleaner made from minerals and naturally-derived cleaning agents has just been introduced.  The web site says, “This cream cleanser, rapidly cleans and removes grime, soap scum and lime scale from a variety of porous surfaces such as tub and shower stalls, sinks and toilets. Clings to vertical surfaces.  Outperforms traditional cleaners and household products without scratching surfaces.”  I intend to try this one as soon as possible.

Another great thing about these products is that 100% of the after tax profits go to the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer in Ribera, New Mexico.  Visit ImusFoods.com for more information.  You’ll be glad you did.

Diane Ivey, Homeowner

Greenwich, CT