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Don’t Get Fried! The Importance of Surge Protectors

Don’t Get Fried! The Importance of Surge Protectors
September 30, 2016 Sabine H. Schoenberg

For years we have been told to plug our electronic devices (computers especially) into surge protectors. We can all relate to sometimes heeding this advice and sometimes getting lazy with our laptops and plugging in to the nearest outlet that is convenient. But did you ever think about the other expensive electronic devices in your home that are at risk? Your television, stereo equipment, even appliances are at risk as they become more high tech.

One of the ways that we have attempted to get ahead of the risk of electrical surges in our homes is by installing surge protectors at the source, in our electrical panels. While this does add a level of protection for our electrical devices it may not completely protect you as I recently learned.

A few months ago one of the televisions in our home stopped working and we were baffled as to what the cause might be. After bringing the television in for service we learned that the motherboard had been completely fried, likely due to an electrical surge. What was the source? The coaxial cable delivering the actual video signal.

I had seen amped up surge protectors in stores where they show the standard electrical plugs, along with outlets for cable, internet and phone cords. It seemed like a nice added source of protection, but perhaps overkill for my needs in a residential home.

I can also tell you that surge protection in the utility room only protects you from external surges. If lightning strikes your property the electrical surge can find it’s way into your home’s electrical wires by way of pipes, HVAC ducts, or anything else that may be wired through your home and able to conduct electrical current.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to use surge protectors, for everything. Get that amped up surge protector for your television and cable connection, for your telephone line and internet connection. When I say everything, I mean everything. With all of the electronic devices that we are dependent on everyday to make our lives easier, it’s vitally important to ensure that they are protected, backed up, and able to assist us when we need them.

If you are in the market for some top notch surge protectors, here are a few we would suggest looking into.

HT1210SAT3 Home/Business Theater Surge Suppressor from Tripplite

Great for a home theatre or office situation where you have several connections coming in at one place.


SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger

This one is perfect for your mobile device charging station. With USB outlets that are surge protected you can charge your mobile devices with a sense of security, and with 2 standard surge protected outlets it makes a great place to plugin or charge your laptop up as well.


Travel Surge Protector

This compact surge protector will give you everything you need for your phone, laptop, and other small devices that may need to be plugged in on the go.