Wright & Robinson Architects

Wright & Robinson Architects
November 4, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

Wright & Robinson Architects

63 Adams Place
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

phone-icon-01-01  (973) 566-0449
email-icon-01  info@wright-robinson-architects.com



Wright & Robinson Architects delivers award-winning architecture and interiors for private clients in New Jersey, New York, New York City, Connecticut, and beyond. Specializing in houses and apartments in urban, suburban, rural, and resort locations. We love working with fine old houses and in sensitive historic contexts. We work closely with our clients to nurture their dreams while serving their needs and respecting their budgets. Each of our projects is carefully tuned to the life of a particular family, rooted in its special place, and grounded in craft traditions. Mark Wright is trained by PHIUS in the radically energy-efficient Passive House methodology.

The next Great American House will be a Passive House that embodies deeply rooted American themes, honors its particular place, nurtures many forms of family, and helps us be better neighbors and better stewards of the productive, working, weary earth.

Please visit our website for more information, biographies, and images of our work. In addition to our residential work we undertake civic and commercial projects of special interest.