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Design Trend: Vintage Industrial

Design Trend: Vintage Industrial
December 26, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

For several months now our team has been tracking an emerging design trend that we think is going to have some major movement in 2017. We’re calling it Vintage Industrial and it’s a look that embraces wide open, modern loft-like spaces with rough textures of old industrial warehouses. Think large expansive windows with panes of glass separated by dark weathered steel. It’s exposed rough wooden beams, reclaimed wood walls, lots of brick and in some cases exposed concrete.

The look is a fusion of modern and aged materials. It’s minimal and clean, or shall we say raw industrial where materials are the focus – reclaimed materials that are eco-friendly and green. Even though energy is involved with reclamation, the idea of not discarding beautiful materials is compelling.

And if you think this trend is limited to old industrial spaces in urban centers, think again. The design aesthetic is making its way into new construction thanks to the use of reclaimed brick veneers, reclaimed wood beams, and other vintage finds like old doors, railings and more – all bring a sense of history to new modern structures.

If materials could speak they would tell a long tail.  This design tension between new and modern, mixed with materials used by people in days gone by, provides a refreshing design dynamic.  It’s new and it’s connected. Ultra sleek, hard-edge modern industrial is infused with the aged and the vintage. We’re planning to incorporate much of this design trend into our next project for Sabine’s New House, so stay tuned for that in 2017.

Until then, we thought we’d pull a few of our favorite examples. We’d love to hear from you on your thoughts for this trend. Let us know in the comments below.

Image courtesy Fernando Morrisoniesko