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Design Trend: Integrated Bathroom Outlets

Design Trend: Integrated Bathroom Outlets
December 20, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
bathroom outlets

We’ve all been there, the constant battle of the bathroom counter.  Electric shavers, the hair dryer, curling iron, you may even be one of those that try to get just a little extra charge on your mobile phone battery before you dash out the door in the morning. These all present clutter in the bathroom and wreak havoc on your quest to create a zen quality spa experience in your bathroom.

Luckily, makers of bathroom cabinets and fixtures are hearing this and for some time now, particularly in higher end options, been integrating electrical outlets directly into medicine cabinets and vanity drawers. These outlets are specially designed with GFCI surge protection which is most likely required by code in all areas near water including kitchen and bath counters. Aside from the convenience and ability to tuck away gadgets and cords so they can be out of sight, out of mind – a new addition to these outlets is becoming the norm.

USB powered devices are likely familiar to you.  Most mobile phones and tablet devices are charged this way, in fact even the new lines of smart watches are typically charged with USB connectors. USB plugs are a growing trend and will likely find its way into the bathroom sooner or later as toothbrushes, and other tech gadgets bring that “smart” aspect of life closer to the bathroom.

When building a new home or renovating your bathroom space put yourself ahead of the curve. Consider GFCI outlets that also have built in USB plugins as a standard accompaniment within the bathroom (especially the master bath). As our world becomes ever more connected and our homes ever smarter, little details like this will have a profound impact on how you use these spaces for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Ronbow