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Design Trend: Evolution Of The Home Library

Design Trend: Evolution Of The Home Library
February 4, 2017 SNH Editorial Team

Perhaps no room has changed more than home libraries. Not long ago, bookshelves and built-ins were must haves. With mountains of books, CD’s, DVD’s, records and more, we simply never had enough shelf space to store it all.

Traditionally, the library was the original “man-cave.” Many men dreamed about a bar and fireplace in “his” library. While cigar smoking is long gone, retiring to the library, in front of a warm fire, with a book or with a friend for a chat was very much in vogue just a few short years ago. Today the home library is changing and evolving.

Even in homes with dedicated library spaces, books are now largely absent. Shelves have become a place to display decorative items and collectibles. Instead of a comfortable reading chair, a desk equipped with a desktop computer  and a comfortable couch hints at what the library has evolved to. The library has quietly morphed into the home office, a workspace that can accommodate the new ways in which we connect with work.

Computers, tablets, phones and TV’s have replaced our books and become the gadgets that provide information. It’s all in the palm of your hand and are readily available when you need them. Whether it be around a kitchen table, a nook, in front of a family room fireplace, or outside on a porch. The books of the home library have been replaced with digital information, driven by powerful home WiFi networks that continue to advance fueling our need for connectivity.

In the spirit of the new library, we present a few of our favorite new takes on the home library, or should we say – home office. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image Courtesy of Suzy Hoodless

Image courtesy of The Design Co.

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