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Custom Reclaimed Barn Door

Custom Reclaimed Barn Door
January 12, 2017 SNH Editorial Team

At The Greenwich House, Sabine created a custom barn door out of reclaimed wood from an old barn in Connecticut. It has quickly become a fan favorite within the home.

The project required some careful considerations. For starters, sourcing the reclaimed wood was a challenge. Especially for the wide opening that it was going to be installed over. When the first batch of wood arrived from the kiln it had shrunk and was no longer sized correctly for the opening. Luckily, Sabine was able to source more reclaimed barn wood for the project.

In this video, Sabine walks through the steps she took to make this feature a reality. It was pretty tricky, but in the end a wonderful result and great feature for The Greenwich House. Find out how to  create a custom reclaimed barn door for your own home.