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Creative Solution to Budget Crunch in Kitchen Remodels

Creative Solution to Budget Crunch in Kitchen Remodels
April 18, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Don’t sacrifice quality cabinetry or give up on the wine unit your husband really wanted.  Instead…buy creatively! Buy a display kitchen or a kitchen as a package, i.e one that is being replaced complete with appliances sinks, faucets etc. for a fraction of the price.

One great source is Kitchen Trader, the new kitchen exchange site from Green Demolitions, to which I have donated building products from many projects over many years.  The photo shows one of the kitchens available right now- great stuff!

Naturally, size, layout and styles need to fit.  It may take a little while to find just the perfect one for your kitchen space. Kitchen Trader brings in new kitchens from around the country weekly – so check in frequently! It’s a great online resource & so easy to navigate.

Most importantly, Kitchen Trader offers informative photos of their kitchens so that you can see lay-out, specifications, details and wear-and-tear up close – very important!

In my new kitchen design book “Kitchen Magic I present many cost saving product specifications and purchase options.  Making recycling part of the way you run your kitchen remodel today creates meaningful savings.  Recycling a whole kitchen is naturally the ultimate in recycling.

How perfect not to trash a perfectly good kitchen – to not put good products into landfills.  Just because a kitchen no longer works for one owner does not mean it is a bad kitchen.

Make Kitchen Trader an active part of your online kitchen search and find a quality kitchen you will love – – – at a bargain.