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Cool Hot Home Improvement Products for Modern Spaces

Cool Hot Home Improvement Products for Modern Spaces
February 19, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

If you desire a Fireplace that can

…fit into a space with extensive windows

has a more contemporary look & a variety of colors and finishes

can actually heat your room efficiently, and

is securely enclosed so you do not have to have a watchful eye

can be specified with separate cooking oven

…then check out Hase.de fireplaces.

The Consumer Report of Germany is “Stiftung Warentest”.  It awarded first place to the Hase fireplaces in 2012 for its super efficient burner technology and clever rotating design. Hook ups can be made from the bottom allowing the firebox to be rotated to position perfectly to face seating area(s).

The Hase.de fireplace models combine a fresh, industrial look with functional design.

Speaking of functional, here is one important detail:  Since the firebox is compact only smaller logs fit.  This is an important difference to be prepared for and accept at the outset so that finding and loading wood does not become an annoyance.