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Sabine’s New House Press Information

About Sabine's New House

Sabine’s New House embodies a movement focused on creating homes for better living through state-of-the-art, proven technologies focused on smart, healthy, and green home building materials, finishes and design. With over 45,000 followers on social media, 25,000+ subscribers to her email list, speaking engagements, and thousands of visitors to her website, Sabine H. Schoenberg, founder and host, is leading the way for the next generation of home building.

Awards & Recognition

Our Season One project house, “The Greenwich House” was selected as a Finalist in Architecture for the 11th Annual Innovation in Design Awards presented by Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

See Details at Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Our Season One project house, “The Greenwich House” was selected as a Finalist in Traditional Architecture – Less than 7,000 Square Feet for the 8th Annual AtHome A-List Awards presented by AtHome Magazine.

See Details at AtHome Magazine.

Recent Press Releases

Press Releases
Can The Smart Tech Industry Convince Consumers To Take The Smart Home Leap
- by Christopher Mohs

Home building expert, Sabine H. Schoenberg, offers insights to the smart home tech industry at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, TX DALLAS, Sept. 15, 2016 – Sabine H. Schoenberg, host of Sabine’s New House, has been often described as a designer, builder, and realtor wrapped into one over the years. The combination has set her up well in understanding several nuances that go into home design and home construction. Because of this expertise, she will be a presenting at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, Texas today. She will dive into…

Press Releases
This Next Generation House Will Blow Your Mind
- by Christopher Mohs

Greenwich, CT, September 1, 2016 – There are numerous trends and buzzwords around home building today. You may have likely heard about home automation and smart homes. If you are trying to save on your energy bills, you are likely zeroing in on energy efficient products for key home systems. Then there are the eco-friendly, green, and zero-VOC products that are popping up everywhere. With all…

Major Media Coverage Highlights

Local Media Coverage Highlights

Speaking Engagements

As an expert in smart, healthy, and green home building and products, Sabine H. Schoenberg recently traveled to Dallas, TX to present information about how the smart home tech industry can prepare for consumer needs as adoption goes mainstream. Watch highlights from this speech in this video.

Social Media Collaborations

House Beautiful Magazine Takes A Facebook Live Tour Of The Greenwich House

Sabine's New House | Season One: The Greenwich House

“The Greenwich House” is the Season One project for Sabine’s New House with the web series hosted by Sabine H. Schoenberg. The show focus is  the next generation of home building. The goal is better quality of living from the latest in smart, healthy and green building materials, finishes and design.

Smart. Healthy. Green. News from Sabine's New House

Smart. Healthy. Green. News from Sabine’s New House takes a closer look at the latest news around home building with a focus on smart, healthy, and green innovations. The show also looks at innovations that may impact home construction in the near future. The news program is co-hosted by Sabine H. Schoenberg and Sabine’s New House Editorial Director and Producer, Christopher Mohs. New episodes are released on Tuesdays via the YouTube Channel.

Ideas For Your Home from Sabine's New House

Diving into design and DIY projects, Ideas For Your Home from Sabine’s New House seeks to provide details homeowners can use in their own homes. The series is hosted by Sabine H. Schoenberg with occasional appearances by Christopher Mohs, Editorial Director and Producer of Sabine’s New House.

About Sabine

sabinehschoenberg_tnh_january2016Sabine H. Schoenberg is a unique professional blend of “Designer, Builder and Realtor in one”.

Sabine is an award-winning home builder and designer along with being a highly successful real estate expert with a keen eye for the relationship between home design and lifestyle. In good and, more notably, in challenging markets, Sabine’s unlisted homes sold repeatedly to drive-by buyers who simply “had to have them.” Her clients are first-time homebuyers as well as affluent and celebrity buyers.

It is said copying something constitutes the greatest flattery. Time and again, architects report that their clients walk in with photos of Sabine’s projects, hoping to replicate her design and features in their homes.

Growing up in Germany provides Sabine with an international, global perspective. Today, product innovations including “green” products and technologies often originate outside the United States in European countries with Germany as leader. Sabineís background bridges this gap for US consumers.

Sabine’s passion for home improvement, innovative products and great design can be seen on her YouTube channel, national speaking engagements, and in her book, Kitchen Magic, one of the most recognized titles in kitchen design and modern lifestyle.