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Cleaning News for your Bathroom Remodels

Cleaning News for your Bathroom Remodels
May 17, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

So you treated yourself to a beautiful new bath complete with a frameless glass shower door and great shower fixtures.   How do you keep them clean? You tried a variety of glass cleaners, from ammonia based to vinegar containing cleaning products but the shower fixtures are now spotted and are starting to take on funky colors.  In spite of vigorous wiping streaks always remain on the glass.  You are not sure if it’s a good idea to get window cleaner on the new nickel-plated hinges and door handle.   Your cleaning frustrations take away from the luxurious shower experience you had been looking forward to with your bath renovation.

Try “Miracle Shine”.  It works! The name does it justice.  Apply it with a dry cotton rag on all your shower surfaces – glass and metal.   Let it dry for a moment (it’s quick) and buff off with a clean cloth.  Never use water.  The buffing creates a thin water repellent film.  Water now simply pearls off.

Instead of almost daily cleaning apply Miracle Shine as needed – usually about every other week.  It is simply fantastic stuff. It may sound funny but I admit to having giving it to my bathroom renovating clients in their “bathroom warming” gift baskets.  To the person they have been thrilled to find out about Miracle Shine. Apologies for sounding like an infomerical.   This blog’s goal is to speak freely about all products in an around the home.  We call it as we find it! Kudos to GMS Products, the manufacturer.

GMC Products, tells us that Miracle Shine is now a silicone-based product rather than a kerosene base product as it was until 2004.  The plastic bottle is recyclable and it does not contain “harsh ingredients such as chlorine, ammonia or phosphates.”

What could be better: an environmentally friendly cleaning product that works!