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Chemical & Pesticide Free Mosquito Control Solution

Chemical & Pesticide Free Mosquito Control Solution
August 26, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Given today’s widespread West Nile virus infections from mosquitoes, everyone who is outdoors needs to take precautions.  Go to any barbeque and hosts are offering their guests a variety of deet containing anti-mosquito sprays before getting to drink selections.  There is one more hidden but real danger…

EPA, The Us Environmental Protection Agency states unequivocally “…Products that combine sunscreen and insect repellent DEET are registered by EPA as pesticides…” Wow…PESTICIDES….how often do moms apply sunscreen to the kids in the morning only to spray them with DEET containing products lateron to save their children from mosquito bites.

It’s time for help from your friendly bats. Perhaps rapidly declining bat populations are  one reason along with wet weather during the early part of summer why the mosquito population skyrocketed in the Northeast this year. Invite them back.  Give them a bat house.

Case in point, my friend sits and enjoys her pool and her very beautiful planted garden not far from wetlands without sprays and free of mosquito bites.  She has 4 bat houses around  her property.

Bats devour the very pests you don’t want in your back yard. They eat 4-8 grams of insects each night or 2000-3000 insects! 

A bat eats mosquitos, invasive stink bugs, moths, beetles, wasps, gnats or Beetles. We may like the sound of crickets, but they are delicious meals for a bat, and I’d rather have a little more quiet at night anyway!  In addition bats not only eat all these pests, they also help to cross-pollinate flowers and vegetables.

So here is to one green building product whose installation can be an afternoon family home improvement project: a Bat House. Much like bird houses, ready-to-mount bat houses are easily available from a number of sources. The Backyard Bird Company and the Bestnest.com and batconservation.org offer a bat house ranging in price from around $35.00- $85.00.

Proper direction and locating of bat houses is key. While there are bat houses that install on a house wall, it is best to keep them far away from your house so your new bat neighbors don’t accidentally take up housing in your attic. Check your house for any openings to attics and vents. Be sure that house vents are sealed/screened.  Some companies promote ultrasonic pest control devices.  But The Florida Wildlife Control reports pretty convincingly shows that these pest control devices do not work.

Invite your bug-eating bat friends to your property and get help in today’s much needed mosquito control and plant pollination. Choose eco-friendly solutions for your home as well as your family and your planet.