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Car Protection from a Tennis Ball

Car Protection from a Tennis Ball
March 19, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Is your garage tight? Is it filled with items other than your car? Items that you can bang in easily when parking your car? Don’t dents happen when you are rushing, upset and not as focused as you should be?  This little tennis ball does all the assessing and sizing of distances for you.

Here is a gift for the car enthusiast in your life:  This little ball…it might just be the best device / best gift ever to keep his fab wheels free of bangs.

By hanging this simple tennis ball from the ceiling so that every time the ball hits your car’s windshield you stop and have perfectly parked your car – – – without having to size up distances to a wall or other items every time— is just the best!

For years, I have made myself a DIY version of this tennis ball device.  I was delighted to discover it in one of the big box stores.

It might look a little funny to some but it is simply perfect – it gives you protection for those moments when you are not really focused on parking your car.  It’s a great way to avoid those nasty dings. It’s so reliable that insurance companies should begin to offer discounts to those you have it in their garage…! Try it yourself – you will never want to be without your suspended tennis ball again.

Stay tuned for more  garage transformations shortly!