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Kitchen Design Trends – Ancient Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Design Trends – Ancient Kitchen Counters
March 8, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Once in awhile you come across home building products that are real finds.  You really want to keep them to yourself since their “stuff” is truly unique. Such is the case with the stone from Green River Stone Company.Originally, the quarry site was a freshwater lake rich with fish and fauna.  As the lake petrified, they fossilized in the stone.  How about enjoying a prehistoric treasure in your home at the morning breakfast counter and not just in the Museum of Natural History? I am not kidding – Green River stone is the level of product people frame to hang as artwork.  We hope to have a custom end table made for our living room, which will be surfaced with a sturdy piece of glass to protect the fossil.  It will likely strike a few conversations a feature rarely found in home décor.

Green River owns their quarry in Wyoming, which means it is one of the few times you can create truly unique counters and table tops of any length and shape in stone.  If it can be crated and fits on a truck, delivery is possible.

The photo shows a single long piece of stone as a breakfast counter.  This is not something you can usually do with marble or granite given general stone industry practices for small one-of-a-kind jobs.  To a connoisseur of home improvement products it is refreshing to find a truly unique piece.

Green River stone has a soft sandstone-like feeling and, of course, each fossil and impregnation is a one-of-a kind.  While it is tempting to visit and pick out a unique fossil, technology makes it possible to pick the fossil and stone you love.  So, what are you waiting for? Designers should be all over this since these pieces fit into any type of space from modern to traditional.