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Boring!!! but Top Quality Light Fixtures

Boring!!! but Top Quality Light Fixtures
January 6, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

This is one of the most boring looking light fixtures you can buy on today’s market. It’s okay, since you hopefully will never see it.  You will, however, likely come to rave about the quality of this utility light fixture….The right utility lighting shines bright right where you need it most – in your work areas such as your kitchen counters, desk space, etc.

What makes the light quality so spectacular? It’s the relatively new zenon lights, the same that new cars are generally equipped with.

The light is bright without the uncomfortable blueness from the old fluorescent lights.  Zenon doesn’t give off a lot of heat in contrast to low-voltage lights, previously the only real alternative.

There are two companies lighting experts commonly specify for installation: NSL –as seen in the photo and WAC.  WAC’s have a thinner profile, which helps when the front frames of upper cabinets are narrow (often in European brands) and you want to keep the fixture away from view.  NSL offer electricians more room to work in which is why they tend to select NSL.

Zenon lights can be put on a dimmer to boot though it has to be the right type of dimmer

Today’s task lighting is great with zenon light fixtures. Everyone should have these to illuminate his/her kitchen counters. It ‘s a must-have for all kitchen remodels.