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Best Home Goods for your Bath: Medicine Cabinets

Best Home Goods for your Bath: Medicine Cabinets
January 11, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

One of the Best Ways to Improve your Bath is to equip your bath with a medicine cabinet. It is simply the best way to organize the many bottles, lotions and potions into one easy-to-reach place. It gets things off the counter!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to be organized? Yes? Then start your day in an organized bath. Baths are all about how we treat ourselves. Treat yourself to an organized start into the day!

How do you go about it? Easy:

Medicine cabinets are approximately 4” deep.  While it is best to sink the cabinet into a wall cavity that a carpenter can frame for you, there are other attractive solutions as well.  For example: Find a picture frame and literally frame a frameless medicine cabinet with it.  After all, the front of the cabinet is a mirror so make your mirrored medicine cabinet a unique design statement and focal point in your bath.

Some medicine cabinets come with built in lights.  This can be a really good solution when space around mirrors is limited.

Medicine cabinets come in many shapes and sizes.  Retailers like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Home Depot carry them.  My advice: Buy a quality one, i.e. one that has solid hinges (!).  One manufacturer whose medicine cabinets I have installed for years is Robern. Their lines are easy to find online.  Check it out.