Bathroom Remodels Showerheads-Part II: A Touch of Luxury

Bathroom Remodels Showerheads-Part II: A Touch of Luxury
June 8, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Instead of having the “normal” showerhead protruding from the wall or ceiling Kohler makes square bodysprays modules that mount flush to the tile – ceiling or wall. Let’s call them “spray tiles”.  They have a sleek modern look but that’s just the beginning.The spray tiles can be installed in such a way that they surround your entire body.  They can be custom tailored to your body and preferences:

Do you like to feel like you are under a waterfall? Simply install 4 of the body sprays in the ceiling and run them as one showerhead.

Do you have a slanted ceiling? No problem. The inside panels pivot to the right angle.

Do you like to have body sprays surrounding your body? Again, no problem.  Install the same body spray units and connect them to Kohler’s control so that you can enjoy your shower with or without the body sprays.  Speaking from experience you want to turn them off when you wash your hair or shave.

As is the case in practically all bath fixtures, Kohler offers its bodyspray system in a variety of finishes.

While all high-end fixture manufacturers offer bodysprays in their lines, most are little round spray-nozzle-like fixtures.  The square plate in the Kohler design lets water be sprayed in a wider pattern thereby providing an even more encompassing experience. You can choose the number of pinheads to boot.

If your plumbing and water pressure allow (be sure to check!!!) why not have a spa-like shower experience every morning. This is one home improvement project with measurable impact. Have a splash!