Bathroom Remodels Must-Have: Water Quality Improvement (Part I)

Bathroom Remodels Must-Have: Water Quality Improvement (Part I)
September 17, 2011 SNH Editorial Team

Water quality is the most overlooked project in bathroom remodeling yet physicians tell us that the skin is the biggest organ in our bodies. It is not just a matter of drinking water! Best news: remedies are not outrageously expensive. Is your water hard? Do you have high levels of chlorine in your water?  Do you know?Chlorine and other metals in water can do serious harm. Give your body an improvement not just the look of your bathroom: Start with the right information / diagnostics – start with a comprehensive water test. Find out. Diagnose your problem.  Many municipalities and/or water companies will test your water free of charge.

When results show your water quality as “hard” chances are you see ugly deposits on faucet heads and in sinks.  They are impossible to clean. Soap is not lathering up either and over time you likely experience less water pressure -especially in hot water lines.  You know you have to do something. Most water conditioning companies sell you expensive water softening systems, which consist of chemicals and must be refilled regularly.

The good news is: there is a better way. It’s called “ScaleBlaster” from Clearwater Enviro Technologies. Ever wondered what the build up around your fixtures is? You know it is next to impossible to scrub off.  It is hard as nails.   It is called scale, a mineral fall out in hard water, which occurs around your fixtures  AND, worst of all inside your water pipes. Over time – and sooner than you may think!- scale constricts the water flow in your pipes.  You might wonder why the water pressure in your house is steadily getting worst? It is not in your imagination. It happens.

Just take a look at the photo – do you feel good about showering with water that flows through this mineral build-up? How do you feel drinking the water that flows through such pipes?

I have personally installed Scaleblaster units in many home building projects and can say this is one great home improvement product! AND it is so simple to install:

Wrap an induction coil around your main water pipe at the point of entry into your house.  Mount the ScaleBlaster unit on the wall and plug it into an electrical outlet.  That’s it.  To use Clearwater’s description the “ScaleBlaster signal cable produces an oscillating and complex modulating frequency wave from that produce an inaudible sonic impulse that changes the electrical and physical properties of the scale-forming calcium molecules.” For a few hundred dollars your hard water problem is solved chemical-free!

What could be better?! Green building products at their best!