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Bath Faucets 101

Bath Faucets 101
December 18, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

No matter the style or price point, a faucet should allow you to easily turn on hot or cold water.  It’s that simple….evidently not to some designers.

What homeowner would ever think to test a faucet handle, especially with wet hands?  How can you standing in a showroom?  By the time you discover this dis-functional detail, the faucet is already installed – you already spent money on labor.

But a simple user test is exactly what should have been done by the designers before realeasing this faucet into the marketplace.  Why? You slide right off these handles if your hands are even slightly wet – you cannot turn the water on or off.  The round acrylic knobs do not give your hands any grip – you slide right off.  Sounds silly but, sadly it’s true.

Have a washcloth handy to operate this faucet – talk about poor design!