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Basement Waterproofing – Engineered to Create Healthy Dry Basement Space

Basement Waterproofing – Engineered to Create Healthy Dry Basement Space
October 13, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Finishing off a basement is often thought off as a way to create a playroom for kids.  Kids’ immune systems are often thought of as more susceptible to diseases from mold, fungus and bacteria – just one more reason to be absolutely sure that the space is perfectly dry with adequate basement waterproofing before you send the kids down their to play.

Don’t find out after you invest your money on finished walls, trim and flooring that your basement waterproofing technique isn’t keep your basement as dry as you thought – get a professional in to take a closer look first.

Let our Greenwich House be a pointer: When we purchased the property the basement walls were finished and the basement felt perfectly dry.  It turned out that the sheetrock was creating enough of a barrier to hide a water problem. In fact, water was accumulating in back of the sheetrock during heavier rain events.  And what happens in damp, if not wet dark areas?  Mold!

It is well established that wet or even damp dark spaces grow mold. That’s why our contractor, American Dry Basement Solutions also recommended a mold treatment (watch the video) – a botanically based fogging to bind and encapsulate any remaining mold spores.

I am delighted to have found American Dry Basement Solutions.  Since they installed their multi-step process – from a deep drain channel to special concrete binding materials that turn porous cinder blocks into a solid concrete barrier, and more – this basement now even feels dry without any finished walls. (watch the video on installing the drain channel and video on the waterproofing membrane and super slurry sealent).  The added mold treatment now gives me peace of mind that the air quality in this space will be breathable and healthy.