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Basement Clues

Basement Clues
June 11, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Believe the story a basement floor is telling you….

No, this is not a world map but in fact the path water has taken time and again during heavy rain events. The water marked the floor or removed the paint in places where it wants to go. Pay attention, be a discover and put yourself on the path to successful home improvement.

Believe the signs. Look for these kinds of messages the next time you walk into the basement of a home you have an interest in purchasing. These types of marks are never wrong. They tell you all you need to know – believe them! In fact study them to get to the bottom. Here are a couple of tips:

(1) You wet-vac the water and it just seems to come back – you likely have hydrostatic pressure causing it.  Solution: either a so-called French drain connected to a pump or a strategically placed sump pump though you need to know where to pump the water to.

(2) If you can determine where the water is accumulating on the outside or around the house, installing a curtain drain might be a good idea.  It might prevent water from pressing into the basement in the first place. The key is again to know where you can divert the water to.

It’s not the end of the world.  There are always solutions!