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Is Audio Enabled Home Automation The Ultimate Next Step?

Is Audio Enabled Home Automation The Ultimate Next Step?
July 22, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
Audio Enabled Home Automation

Imagine that your smart home system just acquired a level of audio enabled home automation that it could predict the needs of the household. Your baby starts crying in the nursery? Your home may hear this before you do and automatically start playing a lullaby. How about an unwelcome intruder, perhaps they can be frightened away – or at least make a second thought to continuing in – if the home turned a light on upstairs and started playing a pre-recorded conversation.

The recently announced strategic partnership between sound recognition software company Audio Analytic and audio software and hardware development consultancy StreamUnlimited may result in such a reality through Audio Analytic’s ai3 sound recognition software which will be integrated with StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK.

This really is an exciting advancement in the home automation space. The technology enables devices in home to recognise generic sounds, opening up a range of new applications for smarter living which can be tailored to the individual homeowner’s needs and requirements.

Chris Mitchell, CEO of Audio Analytic said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with StreamUnlimited to bring our innovative sound recognition software to their audio OEM customers. StreamUnlimited have unrivalled experience in developing and optimising audio devices and the team immediately realised that our ai3 sound recognition technology unlocks significant new product opportunities for their extensive customer base.”

Markus Rutz, CTO of StreamUnlimited said, “We are highly impressed by Audio Analytic’s best-in-class ai3 sound recognition software. It enables a wide range of innovative new applications for audio products in the Smart Home to address. Enabling smarter living is increasingly an important point of product differentiation for the end user. We’re looking forward to helping our OEM customers stand out from the crowd with compelling new use-cases based around Audio Analytic’s generic sound recognition technology.”

It will indeed be interesting to watch as these advancements continue to unfold. Breaking free from touchpads, mobile devices, and switches to control the home is an interesting prospect. The question will be how quickly will consumers dive into this technology and will they embrace this new level of interaction with their home. We’ll keep an eye on this.