Assault on your Garden – Boxwood Blight

Assault on your Garden – Boxwood Blight
March 19, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Do your boxwoods look meek? Have a lot of the pedals dropped? These can be signs of “Boxwood Blight”, which you should take seriously! You may loose more than just one bush….Boxwood Blight, a fungus that leads to serious shedding of the leaves (see photo below).   Your landscaper is likely going to fight against this diagnosis since proper remedies get involved.  He might tell you that you overwatered your boxwoods.

Instead of arguing with your landscaper send samples to a State run lab; these testing labs are commonly tied to the State University system.  In other words: get proof.  This is no time for guessing games!

Simply removing and replacing the plant is not enough. The soil is contaminated and must be replaced – some reports call for soil replacement of 12” deep – this is why your landscaper is likely to fight you.  This replacement/remediation gets expansive in a hurry.  Come spring nearby boxwoods should be sprayed with Daconil to keep fungus from spreading.

Carefully inspect all nearby healthy looking boxwoods as well as Pachysandra and Sweet Box, which are in the boxwood plant family and can be infected by the blight as well.

Spring officially starts tomorrow though winter temps are still with us in most parts of the US. Once temperatures warm the disease becomes active again.  It’s time to act NOW! 

Boxwoods are one of the most popular shrubs today.  Their lush clumps of green are perfect to “frame” an entrance and visually anchor or stage a home.  Be sure that yours are lush and healthy.