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Artisan Lighting – Fab Home Décor

Artisan Lighting – Fab Home Décor
May 16, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Today’s marketplace is truly worldwide.  Meet Suzusan, the Japanese sculptor turned lighting designer……whose family works in “Arimatsu shibori”, an ancient Japanese technique of making fabrics.

While Suzusan Luminaries are generally shown in stark white fabric, the handmade fabric allows for endless possibilities within the company’s four surface textures.

In a world of lighting where most lamps have a hard-edged, structured look, Suzusan Luminaries along with some of Ingo Maurer’s lamps like Wo-Tum-Bu, Gaku,Ysmen, Poul Poul and Samurai are among the few exceptions.  Note the Japanese connection. Both have a fashion sense which Suzusan acknowledges in the tagline  “Haute Coutour in Light”.

The soft simplicity of these light fixtures intrigues the eye.  Call them lights or call them sculpture: they are both. Give your home a unique, artistic touch with one of these light fixtures.