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Upgrade Your Home To Smart Lighting. Easy and Inexpensive.
- by Christopher Mohs

For most people when they think of smart home technology they immediately imagine complicated circuit boards, CAT5/6 cables pulled through the walls, and hours of an electrician’s time and expense. But those days starting slipping away a few years ago and now a well-known consumer brand is making it even easier – and cost effective too! Just this month, Philips Lighting announced changes to their Philips Hue lighting system. More economical multi-packs, additional styles of light bulbs and fixtures, all coupled with their easy-to-upgrade interface. It literally makes upgrading to a smart lighting system as easy as changing out your light bulbs. And take it from me, once you start with a few smart lights in your home, you’ll quickly scrap the old conventional bulb and find additional rooms to upgrade and enhance. “Whether you are looking to personalize your lighting to gain peace of mind when away from home,…

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    vintage industrial
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    Design Trend: Vintage Industrial

    - by SNH Editorial Team

    For several months now our team has been tracking an emerging design trend that we think is going to have some major movement in 2017. We’re calling it Vintage Industrial and it’s a look that embraces wide open, modern loft-like spaces with rough textures of old industrial warehouses. Think large expansive windows with panes of glass separated by dark weathered steel. It’s exposed rough wooden beams, reclaimed wood walls, lots of brick and in some cases exposed concrete. The look…

  • Lighting
    GE Alexa Lamp
    LightingSmart Home

    New GE Table Lamp Integrates Amazon Alexa

    - by SNH Editorial Team

    GE is moving towards what it calls the “ultimate living experience” through a suite of connected products designed to make your life simpler and help you do more. First on that journey is a contemporary LED table lamp that embeds Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) directly inside, allowing you to use a light to order your dinner, listen to the latest headlines, preheat your oven or give a host of other voice commands. The voice controlled light source with microphones…

  • Lighting
    LED Edison Bulbs

    Vintage Edison Bulbs Go LED

    - by SNH Editorial Team

    The industrial chic look of edison bulbs have made a dramatic comeback in recent years and the design trend is one we just absolutely love. The exciting new wave of products in this category give us this amazing looking light, with the energy-efficiency of LED Edison Bulbs. The design challenge was always how to replicate the filaments in the classic edison bulb in an LED format, well the breakthrough is here and we wanted to share with you a few bulb…

  • Lighting
    BeON Home
    LightingSmart Home

    Product Review: BeON Home Security Smart Bulbs

    - by SNH Editorial Team

    We enjoy testing out new products and this one was definitely a different swing from the conventional products in the smart home category. BeON Home, self described as an easy solution for baby-boomers wanting a little extra security in their home, is an interesting solution for consumers wanting a touch of added security without diving full on into a smart home environment. BeONHome offers a smart security lighting solution that doesn’t require any wiring. In fact you merely place their…

  • Green & Eco-Friendly Products
    Sustainable Lighting
    Green & Eco-Friendly ProductsLighting

    Sustainable Lighting Made Out Of Its Own Packaging

    - by SNH Editorial Team

    We discovered this interesting decor find in a recent article from Curbed. It’s sustainable lighting in the form of a cardboard lamp (yes you heard that correctly) from Waarmakers out of the Netherlands. So why did this get our attention? The lamp is made out of the packaging that the LED light arrives in. The ultimate in sustainable design! Although not for every home, the light, as you can see from pictures, is actually pretty organic yet industrial and could…

  • Home Design
    Signal Smart Fan from Hunter Fan Company
    Home DesignLightingSmart Home

    Hunter Fan Expands The Smart Home With WiFi Enabled Smart Fan

    - by SNH Editorial Team

    Hunter Fan Company officially released the Wi-Fi enabled, Signal ceiling fan for purchase. The Signal supports Apple HomeKit technology and seamlessly interacts with other HomeKit-enabled products to create a customized suite of comfort, security and energy efficiency.  After making their original debut at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the first Homekit-enabled fans from Hunter received recognition and buzz among the top tech news sites including a CES 2016 Editor’s Choice Award by Reviewed.com/USAToday. The Signal is just the beginning…

  • Green & Eco-Friendly Products
    SYLVANIA Smart Lighting
    Green & Eco-Friendly ProductsLightingSmart Home

    SYLVANIA Smart Lighting Now Connects With Alexa’s Voice Control

    - by SNH Editorial Team

    LEDVANCE has announced that SYLVANIA smart lights can now be controlled via voice directly with the OSRAM LIGHTIFY® Gateway and Alexa-enabled devices including the hands-free voice controlled speaker Amazon Echo, providing another smart home option for the general public. The OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gateway offers a way for consumers to interact with their Smart Home, turning lights on and off and dimming them just by asking Alexa. Alternatively, for those that want a broader Smart Home experience, SYLVANIA smart lighting products…

  • Kitchen Lighting
    LED Light Bulbs
    Kitchen LightingLighting

    LED Light Bulbs: Get The Brightness Right

    - by Sabine H. Schoenberg

    Throughout The Greenwich House we have recessed LED lights installed. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am by how great the fixtures look and how beautiful the light quality is. It caused me to ask my electrician, Brendan Galvin of Galvin Electric, why the light quality of these LED light bulbs are so much better than others I’ve tried previously. Brendan explained that there are two key measurements when it comes to LED light bulbs; color and intensity. Seemingly…

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