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Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Lock Your Door, With Voice Commands

Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Lock Your Door, With Voice Commands
August 13, 2016 SNH Editorial Team
Amazon's Alexa

You have likely heard of Apple’s HomeKit, and perhaps even Google’s Weave (or Nest Network). But Amazon is also taking a bold step into the home automation space with their voice activated Alexa platform. The platform is managed through the Amazon Echo.

The key to Echo’s success has been the voice activated commands. Think Siri like functions, but more responsive. Already Echo, via Alexa, can control Belkin WeMo switches (wifi enabled light bulbs). With a recent partnership with August smart locks the system can now unlock your doors.

The platform system authenticates particular voice commands and can event assign virtual keys to visitors while monitoring their usage. A $79 wireless bridge is required to make the system work and is available through Amazon.

There is one drawback, you can only lock the doors via voice command. Citing security concerns, that we completely agree with, you cannot unlock the door via voice command.

August is one of the major players in the smart tech arena that works well with most major platforms on the market. They currently advertise compatibility with Apple, Nest, Airbnb, Logitech and Xfinity Home.

Amazon’s investments into Alexa are designed to compete with Goggle and Apple in the smart home area.