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All-in-One Home Goods: Clear Glass w/built in Privacy

All-in-One Home Goods: Clear Glass w/built in Privacy
April 29, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Clear glass is wonderful when you want to bring in light or enjoy a view.  However, you give up a degree of privacy since, of course people might also look in on you.  So, how about……pressing a button to “frost the glass” and create instant privacy?!  The technology of frosting glass via electrification has existed for some time. Is it ready for your home?

Interior spaces like interior offices, bathrooms and basement spaces, to mention just a few, can take on new “life” from having window and/or door panels that let in natural light from adjacent rooms and do away with dark and/or artificially lit interior spaces.

Does the technology work? In the past, durability problems have plagued the electrification process.

Simpson Doors presented their line of residential electrified doors at this year’s Home Builders Show in Las Vegas.  While shown on their website, their supposedly “new” electrified doors are however currently not commercially available.  Did they run into more technical difficulty?

So unfortunately, the verdict on electrified doors and windows is still out and homeowners should stay clear of them for the time being.  It remains a terrific concept. I hope one manufacturer will finally iron out the technology and build durable and reliable glass technology.

Electrified glass could be a huge game changer.  This technology has the potential to bring new levels of enjoyment to dark and often dingy interior spaces – we will keep you posted!