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Alert !!! Home Improvement should start with Water Filtration

Alert !!! Home Improvement should start with Water Filtration
March 13, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Do you see the brown “crud” on the surface of this filter? It is filtered from public/municipal water over a period of nine months in a single household – simply shocking!Do you expect your tap water to be clear and healthy? Yes, then take these empirical findings seriously.  The small image shows a brand new filter.  It is indeed clear but after just a few short months it will be full of nasty brown sludge or particulate matter! This is the reality of today’s public water! Shouldn’t you take action so none of will be found in your body?

What is the blue filter for? It is perhaps an even more important filter – a carbon filter which filters out chlorine. Given all the sludge or build up on the public water supply lines and well understood waterborne diseases from it, today’s water companies add substantial amounts of chlorine to stem bacteria growth in pipes.

Chlorine is a halogen, which is manufactured commercially by running electric current through salt water.  The resulting gas is then compressed into a liquid and shipped for commercial use into your tap water, pool water, etc. Even the manufacturing process suggests a caustic substance.

Few people are talking about the hazards of chlorine consumption.  Yet, study after study, dating back to the 1992 Medical College of Wisconsin report find significant health issues ranging from elevated cancer risks to significant memory loss as a result of chlorine ingestion. Yet many homeowners still do not appear to be concerned, or shall I say, concerned to install their own filters.  Few ever test their water much less install water filtration systems. For the sake of your helath and your family’s take this issue seriously.

There are many good filtration system technologies today. In a coming posting we will discuss the pros and cons of different systems available. Stay tuned.

Here is a brand new filter:

After only 3 weeks look how much is captured by the filter…..: