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A Solid Exterior Air and Water Barrier Has Some Unanticipated Payoffs

A Solid Exterior Air and Water Barrier Has Some Unanticipated Payoffs
December 17, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Anyone who has ever built or renovated a house will tell you one thing right off the bat:  Be prepared for delays and changes every day.  Even the best made plans get rocked by material delays, shipping and delivery problems, contractor issues and weather.

Getting a house weather tight is a giant step.  It allows for your trade installations to start – your plumber, electrician, HVAC and AV installers. But you can’t afford to have your new air handler and ductwork up in the attic soaked by rain events.  In years past this meant you really had to have a roof, windows and siding fully installed before these trades could really start work on the interior fit out of a house.  Anything else was taking on a big gamble on the weather. A a potential financial loss should installed work become damaged.

We recently ran into this predicament at The Greenwich House, our current project house in Greenwich, Connecticut. We are so fortunate to have installed the BlueSkin barrier on the exterior of the house. Yes, on the face of it, it is more expensive.  However, the fact that Blueskin on your roof and walls makes your house watertight AND it can stay exposed to the weather for several months means that you can simultaneously run interior and exterior work once Blueskin is up…what a time saver! What piece of mind!

On the Greenwich project we just ran into a siding production delay due to the upcoming Holidays.  Previously, I would have had a heart attack but with Blueskin at least the work on the inside can proceed uninterrupted.  THIS IS HUGE! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I will shift the siding contractor toward the installation of other exterior trim details.  “The blue house” as it is already affectionately known, will likely sparkle with trim before the body of the siding will be up – not the most common sequence but all very doable, all due to the Blueskin protection.