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5 Bathroom Updates You Should Consider

5 Bathroom Updates You Should Consider
November 24, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Next to the bedroom, our bathrooms are where we begin our days and prepare to take on the world in front of us. It is important that these spaces are tranquil, rejuvenating, and inspiring. But its in these places that we often forget to attend to the basics. Here are 5 updates you should consider for your bathroom.

1) New Lighting

It’s not only a great decorative improvement of your bath, but the better light quality will make you feel better about yourself every morning.  Choose a bright LED light, they have a nice even hue and they are incredibly energy efficient.  Since space is at a premium on bath walls, it’s often best to pick a skinny light fixture.

2) New Medicine Cabinet

Get rid of all the clutter on your vanity counter. And medicines should always go into a medicine cabinet to keep them out of reach of children.  But also organize all of your other lotions and potions and clear your vanity counter.  Removing all of this extra clutter can be life-changing!

3)  New Tile

Consider taking the plunge and redoing your tile work for a fun, fresh new look.  Just because tile feels “installed” doesn’t mean it cannot be changed easily by a tile installer.  Upgrading the tile in your bathroom will instantly update your bath.

4)  New Shower Head

Water is full of minerals and other deposits and they tend to clog the spray nozzles in your shower head over time.  If you feel there should be and once was more water coming out of your shower head – it’s time for a new one. In fact, if this is your master retreat – consider upgrading to a more spa like experience with a rain shower head.

5) New Paint or Wallpaper

This is a DIY weekend project.  Give yourself permission to either refresh the walls with a new color or, for a little more pattern, install a wallpaper.  Be sure to use moisture resistant paint and wallpaper finish to ensure it lasts and won’t mildew or attract mold.