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Fun Home Decor For Your Powder Room

Fun Home Decor For Your Powder Room
November 26, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

Powder rooms are a great place to get creative.  Use less common materials.  Can you guess this wall covering? Hint: You would know it when you touch it….

Indeed, it is leather.  It makes a statement.  It is something different.  Why not install something different and a bit unusual.

Here are a couple of other suggestions:  Hire an artist for a custom mural – from a landscape scene to an oversized take-off on a Matisse painting.  Paint the room in dramatic color, perhaps with color wash.  Create a faux finish or a highly lacquered finish.

 The possibilities are endless and the good news is: Powder rooms are generally small spaces – your project will not cost that much and will get done relatively rapidly.

 Try it – Give your guests a surprise when they visit your powder room.

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