3 Simple Pro Home Improvement Secrets costing Pennies

3 Simple Pro Home Improvement Secrets costing Pennies
March 6, 2013 SNH Editorial Team

#1 Secret: A quality roller – I kid you not! Do not buy one of the cheap rollers commonly found in the big box stores.  Buy it where real pro’s buy there supplies – specialty paint stores. We are talking pennies – but do yourself a big favor: Get a quality dripless roller (3/8” nap works well for most walls). Yes, dripless is good. But even more importantly,  these rollers allow you to roll on the paint with more “body”. Simply put: Quality rollers are the first step to a quality paint job.

#2 Secret: VOC free paint – even low VOC paint still significantly affects your body.  I recently painted a room with low VOC paint, thinking it was good enough…  immediately I got myself a big headache. Our bodies are being pounded by environmental factors – give your body and the planet a break and work ONLY with VOC free paint…again, only pennies more.

#3 Secret: The right quality primer to cover different paints – Benjamin Moore makes great paint, AND they offer a selection of primers for different applications.

For example: Their 046 primer allows you to paint over previously used oil paints with water based paints!

This is HUGE – who ever thought you could switch to water-based products. In the past, painters would tell you, once you select oil-based paint you have to stay with just that… oil based paints. Not so any longer!  A true breakthrough!