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3 Places where Mold loves to grow in your Home

3 Places where Mold loves to grow in your Home
August 11, 2014 SNH Editorial Team

Mold can be dangerous to your health. Here are three generally overlooked places where mold loves to grow:

 (1)In the detergent chamber of your washing machine – Keep the drawer open after every wash so that the chamber can dry out.  Do not keep it a damp, dark place! Check out my upcoming video on my favorite washing machine.

 (2)Under window sills & in sink cabinets – Where there is a leaky window or a leaky pipe, over time there will be mold under the windowsill and/or in the cabinet.  Don’t take leaks around windows and doors or under sinks lightly – fix them to avoid mold issues.

 (3)On the leather in cars parked in damp garages – It’s only a matter of time.  Mold loves to grow on leather.  Avoid this costly mold clean – make sure your garage has airflow.  When a garage or basement feels dank there will likely be a mold issue at some point in time – install proper venting right away.

Dark and damp are the two factors needed for mold to growth.  Cleaning up mold is time-consuming and, without proper protection can be hazardous to your health. Stay clear of molding problems with a little home maintenance and awareness.