1st Ever East Coast Wind Analysis – Good News for Green Products and Technology

1st Ever East Coast Wind Analysis – Good News for Green Products and Technology
September 27, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Encouraging news from a Stanford University study.  It finds that the winds along the East Coast of the US are strong “…enough offshore…to meet the electricity demands of at least one-third of the country…during three seasons with summer being the exception.”

Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor or civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, who led the study, further describes that wind patterns in this region provide peak production during peak usage times unlike wind energy from most land-based turbines.

Offshore wind energy costs are still higher than natural gas and other energy resources.  But wind energy has only one known environmental pollution: noise. Keeping installations far enough offshore should stay clear of this well-known hazard!  Add in deferred environmental expenses to other energy resources like coal and oil and wind technology should be utilized more broadly than it currently is.  Large-scale installations should further reduce costs over time.

Northern Europe is well ahead of the USA in the utilization of wind technology.  There, wind turbines have been in use for the past 10 years.  The only known, and not to minimize hazard is the disturbance of flight patterns for migratory birds.

Find more details of this first ever quantification of wind in “U.S. East Coast Offshore and Wind Energy Resources and Their Relationship to Peak-Time Electricity Demand.”

Elected officials: please take a careful look.  Instead of huge and dangerous liquid gas terminals in Long Island Sound an off the shores of New York City why not support well-understood less harmful technology like wind turbine technology !