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10 Fireplaces To Warm Your Home This Winter

10 Fireplaces To Warm Your Home This Winter
December 2, 2016 SNH Editorial Team

Some parts across the country are already experiencing winter. And for the rest of the country cooler weather is coming quickly.  Why not get some fireplace inspiration rolling to warm up your decor this winter season.  Here are 20 fireplaces we think are just right to add warmth, style, and serenity to the great indoors.


A simple place to start is just a simple wood burning metal insert fireplace. What we love about this installation is the use of various textures. The soapstone surround carries through in the bench that runs along the whole wall in this living room. The linear gray stone stacked stone is also very sleek and modern. The perfect combination for this contemporary space.


Many people think of dark spaces when they think of winter decor. But that doesn’t have to be the case, the use of glass for this ultra contemporary fireplace allows all the light surfaces of this decor to really pop. The glass also helps the larger fireplace feel light and open, while maintaining a sense of drama in the room. Note the open firebox – it’s not a good choice with young children.


This fireplace style has been setting designers aflame since the 1960’s.  Suspended from the ceiling it looks like a fireplace out of a space age movie. But this classic contemporary look is just as at home in a rough and natural environment as seen here. The way it floats in this southwest inspired design scheme is certainly an original twist.


All we have for this fireplace installation is, WOW! We love the innovative way that this fireplace and supporting installs work seamlessly with this stunningly large window. It truly illustrates how you can squeeze a fireplace into a space, even if you have large windows to contend with. The wood storage boxes that create a window box seat and shelf space, we think is particularly a great use of the area flanking the fireplace itself. This industrial chic look is one we are tracking closely – we certainly expect to see more of this in the coming year.


More earthy inspiration from Europe in this decor scheme. The fireplace is simple, but the rough stone finish for the mantle and hearth is so simple in its execution we just had to point it out. But what really makes this space is the use of natural materials and lots of texture in the fabrics and accessories in this space. We sure would love to curl up next to this fire on a cold, snowy, winter day.


This simple metal fireplace wants to feel modern.  The subtle texture of the light driftwood colored planks – likely ceramic – up the entire chimney provide a touch of the organic.  The combination of the flat drawer boxes in the horizontal band and the natural in the vertical creates a compelling combination.


This traditional fireplace stepped into modern cottage with the choice of wood along the chimney. The pop of color also makes this a wonderful accent point in the room. A good rule of thumb for safety and typically required by code is the requirement of 12 inches of masonry before any combustible surfaces. Be sure when installing fireplaces that include natural combustible materials that you are adhering to this standard.


Fireplaces are also a great option for the bedroom like in this instance. We absolutely love the side glass panels of this metal fireplace.  It adds a lightness and transparency to the fireplace. The natural reclaimed barnwood for the chimney helps the space retain a rustic charm. We also are loving this trend of the floating bench adjacent to the fireplace surround. It’s a great place, particularly near a window to curl up with some hot cocoa and a good book when the snow is really blowing.


This is a classic European designed fireplace and is very stylish. Most deliver a nice even heat into the room. The design expansion into the wood rack along with the fire utensils are a touch we really love. We do have one cautious note on European fireplaces, they really require that the wood be the right size. Large logs simply will not fit in these smaller European fire chambers.


The most visually dominant feature of this fireplace is again the use of firewood in the storage areas as a design feature of the overall surround. In this instance the fireplace surround is created out of plate iron, which has a beautiful patina to it and feeds into that industrial chic look we are gravitating towards.

Ok, we know we said 10 but we couldn’t resist throwing in this bonus fireplace design at you. It’s a linear fireplace and if you are looking to gain more energy-efficiency and maintain a complete energy envelope for your home, these can be the answer. They offer up a lot of that ambiance and great design in a package that is more aesthetic than functional to warming the room. They typically use less fuel and can often be run on alternative fuels such as alcohol based packs that don’t require any special venting.

We hope these fireplace designs give you some inspiration to add a little warmth to your home for this winter season. Let us know what you think in the comments below.