Landscaping SOS – Don’t Take Down Heroes

Landscaping SOS – Don’t Take Down Heroes
November 26, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

Arborists are reporting ruthless contractors are prying on homeowners’ fears post Hurricane Sandy: Ringing doorbells offering… their chain sawing services since “… the next storm will surely take down the old tree near your house”.

Homeowners: Think of these trees as your heroes.  Thank them for their heroic gripping of the earth and swaying like ballerinas in the strong winds. Do not let people stir fear in you to make a buck

Instead, review your trees with a credible arborist. Perhaps some pruning is necessary or some canopies need to be lightened. 

Yes, the storm took down some trees and damaged others and sadly those need to come down. But let’s not wholesale cut trees.  Many of these specimens are one hundred or more years old.  Be a good steward of your property, which includes care of its trees. You cannot replace them with a young 10 – foot tree or bush.

Personally, I brought in a tree whisperer, Dr. Jim Conroy, prior to the storm.  He prepared the trees on our property.  Sadly, one tree on the far end of our property was felled by what looks to be the work of a twister. It took down another 2 trees with it. BUT ALL OF THE OTHERS – AND WE HAVE MANY OLD TREES RIGHT AROUND OUR HOUSE – SHED TWIGS !!! YES, TWIGS – not even branches nor limbs.

I thank them every day.  They absorb water.  They provide needed shade in the summer. They are beautiful. They are an important part of converting CO2 into clean air!

One hickory swayed easily 10-12 feet side to side AND made it.  What magnificent green beings.  All of the trees that stood through Sandy deserve your gratitude not a hacking down by chain saw! Think about it. Have some perspective.  Don’t overreact to your emotional jitters.  Do the right thing!!!! Do what helps your environment every day without you even paying much attention.  Help your Heroes!!!!

LET’S START A MOVEMENT: Post an image of your favorite tree on SabinesHome’s facebook page… make a difference !