Is Modern European Furniture Uncomfortable?

Is Modern European Furniture Uncomfortable?
December 14, 2012 SNH Editorial Team

The gap between European and American sensibilities when it comes to furniture is really surprising.  Americans buy European cars with car seats, mind you, but often hesitate regarding furniture from Europe.Americans often do not like the lower, sometimes smaller and definitely tighter European furniture while most Europeans regard American furniture design as bulky, stuffy and fluffy.

Is there a middle ground? Perhaps Ligne Roset achieved it with its Ploum sofa of 2012.  It looks low, sleek and European but is actually pretty large, deep and “comfy” – more to the American taste. The single “shell” gives it a modern look while the tufting leans toward the traditional.

Have a “seat” yourself – you may not want to get up.  Ploum comes in various sizes.  Since it is a single-piece sofa, be sure you can get it into your home – check out your home’s door widths and angles ahead of time

We blogged before about Ligne Roset’s eco-conscious production standards –quality furniture made in quality facilities and to highest standards!