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Saniee Architects LLC

Saniee Architects LLC
December 10, 2015 SNH Editorial Team

Saniee Architects LLC

36 W Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

phone-icon-01-01  (203) 625-9308
email-icon-01  office@sanieearchitects.com


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Saniee Architects is an award-winning architectural service firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut. We bring together a wide range of experience in a variety of projects across the country.

These include:

  • full design and project delivery services

  • programming and analysis of client’s needs

  • post completion services

  • client representation

  • project management

The majority of our work serves residential and institutional clients who demand the highest quality, attention to detail, and thorough service. We also have experience working with different client types such as corporations, charities, and individuals. We have been successful in establishing a strong working relationship with our clients and many of our current work is with repeat clients. We have won numerous awards for projects in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland, and have been recognized by local and national publications.